Callaway Golf VR -

Callaway Golf VR

For this VR experience, we have created a fully playable golf game on a virtual green.
The player can freely walk around this immersive 3D environment, and use virtual Callaway putter and golf balls to play on the green.


The environment and game logic have been created with Unreal Engine and the Callaway 3D Assets are the same used for TV commercial.
Check out this Real-Time Gameplay Video...

Astroreality Lunar - VR Moon Crater -

Astroreality Lunar - VR Moon Crater

Lunar is a product that brings physical model and augmented reality together. It is a miniature, precise model of the moon, linked with a AR app that allows the user to interact and explore informations and content. In the spot we’ve produced, we have precisely recreated the moon at different scales, from a large wide view as seen from a spaceship, to a close detailed view as seen from an astronaut on the ground.


We have used this detailed set of data from Nasa to create a VR 360 experience inside a moon crater.
This can be experienced with or without VR headset, and on multiple platforms and devices.
Here is a snippet of the VR Moon Environment in a Youtube 360 video :

Jordan VR Gallery -

Jordan VR Gallery

For Jordan, we've created a full 3D virtual gallery. This is a quick look at a fully immersive, fully interactive version of the Jordan Virtual Gallery. Here, we can physically walk around the space and interact with the objects. The VR environment has been recreated in Unreal Engine and can be experienced with a VR headset, the controllers are your virtual hands in this world.
Here is a 360 walkthrough of the environment where you can click and drag to look around (make sure the youtube video quality is set to the best.) :

Next is a video demonstrating how you can move around and interact with the environment.
This has been created using both Maya and Unreal Engine, and can be experienced with any VR headset and controllers.