FELLOW is a one-stop creative studio led by Founder/EP Frederic Liebert, Director/CD Marcelo Petrella and VFX Supervisors/CD Vincent Wauters. Hailing from Germany, Brazil, and France, FELLOW was founded on an international sensibility and the shared desire to make the best creative work possible.

Combining our experience allows FELLOW to be fluent in a variety of creative languages. Our services include live action and creative direction, design and post production including editorial, VFX, VR, CG, 2D/3D animation, with a pipeline scaled to handle 8K + finishing.

The studio has been forged on the principles of knowledge, quality and partnership.

Frederic Liebert is the Executive Producer and founding member of FELLOW. Born and raised in Tehran, South Africa, Switzerland and Germany, he moved to Los Angeles in 2001. He has co-produced the award winning documentary ‘Visual Acoustics’ about legendary architectural photographer Julius Shulman, famous for capturing the most iconic images of American midcentury modernism. Liebert has spent the last 20 years producing content for acclaimed production companies, including Neue Sentimental Film, Imaginary Forces, Logan, and Psyop. His experience and expertise in live action and post production allows him to work on technically and creatively challenging projects for agencies, brands and organizations alike. 

Director, Creative Director, and Partner at Fellow, Marcelo Petrella was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and has called Los Angeles home since 2000. Starting his career as a designer / motion graphics artist, he has over 10 years experience in production and post-production. Pulling from his broad background in the commercial industry, Marcelo is able to seamlessly navigate the creative process to consistently deliver quality projects by overseeing a cohesive vision from start to finish.

Vincent Wauters is a Creative Director and partner at FELLOW with 20 years experience in the commercial industry. Originally from France, Vincent received his degree in Digital Directing from the prestigious Supinfocom, after completing his classical art training from Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Recruited by Mac Guff Ligne (now Illumination Mac Guff) he spent numerous years working on commercials and films as a VFX Supervisor in Paris. Proving his capabilities as a strong lead, he was asked to help open Mac Guff LA in 2005. Vincent then spent time as a VFX Supervisor and creative at Logan before joining FELLOW as a partner in 2013.

FELLOW clients include: