Design • Animation • CG

We had real fun with this Hispanic Heritage Month social campaign for Honda. AOR, ORCÍ Advertising, gave us creative liberties with a few must-haves: we had to feature a Hispanic themed artist and the all new 2019 CIVIC had to live in a white world. ORCÍ connected with Farid Rueda, a Mexican street artist known for painting graffiti full of his country’s cultural references, and he provided high res images of 'The Dance of the Moon’, his 2017 graffiti made to support Artify Jaco in Costa Rica.
Our 2D team broke down the art piece in hundreds of layers, which were then animated onto the sheet metal of the white CIVIC in a choreographed way. We created a white canvas on literally all facades and objects, including the car, a dream come true for any graffiti artist… Honda’s Instagram account received record high likes for this fun campaign. Fellow commissioned our friend Roger Lima at White Noise Lab to compose some good latin flavored tunes.